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What Is Syringa?

Syringa (pronounced sir-ING-uh) is the state flower of Idaho (philadelphus lewisii), and it is found blooming profusely in the early summer throughout the hills and mountains in the area.

Sometimes people call syringa “wild mock orange”, but those folks are probably not from Idaho.

If you google “syringa” you will find yourself looking at lilacs. While there are plenty of lilacs growing in yards and former homesites throughout the region, the genus syringa (Latin) refers to the “species of flowering plants in the olive family.” This is not Idaho’s syringa.

Syringa: The health care hub of Idaho County

Syringa Hospital and Clinics consists of a critical access hospital and three medical clinics which are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the people in Idaho County. 

The area served by Syringa is 7,500 square miles of wild and unbroken wilderness, remote communities of three, three hundred or three thousand folks, and some of the most productive wheat ground in America. Fiercely independent, Syringa’s patients, clients and supporters have declared that Syringa is THEIR hospital with trustees elected by the public to make sure Syringa remains the health care hub in the county.

Syringa provides typical hospital services: surgery, 24/7 emergency care, acute care, lab, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, OB and newborn services, hospice and more. The Syringa Clinics include a Walk In/Same Day clinic, a hospital based medical clinic and a satellite clinic in Kooskia, ID. In addition, Syringa has partnered with the Veteran’s Administration to provide care to our area’s Veterans.

Syringa: A caring place to be

It doesn’t get much better than this:

“Thank you to Syringa for the beautiful bouquet of flowers and to Delana for delivering them with a smile! Also, special thanks to RNs Millie (yes, that was a good IV!), Emily and Susan for your good nursing care. And, Lauren, thanks for giving my husband discharge instructions, too, and thanks to everyone else that makes Syringa a good place to be when in need!”


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