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Rock Star Staff August 20, 2012

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Cerner Corp team (mostly standing) and SHC’s team of providers.

On Tuesday, August 14, a team of five Cerner Corp. associates arrived at Syringa Hospital & Clinics (SHC) in Grangeville, ID, to release a new product that will be evaluated with the medical staff.

“SHC is a proven Rock Star when it comes to balancing the use of technology and highly skilled patient care,” said Sam Marten, Technical Engagement Leader. “When we began looking for a test site for this new product, everyone thought about Syringa in Idaho.”

Armed with half a dozen new iPads and cameras on their ears, SHC’s physicians received an overview of the PowerChart Touch app for the devices. Over the next three months, the SHC team will test the software and hardware for bugs and possible improvements. They will meet bi-weekly with the Cerner Corp. development team to provide feedback to drive the software development.

“Syringa’s team is extremely progressive,” said Xavier Musenger, Client Results Executive with Cerner. “With their HIMSS 6 designation and Health Care’s Most Wired award, we are looking at this rural health care organization to help us design the final product.”

Jill Devereaux, LPN and HIT Specialist at SHC explained that PowerChart Touch is considered a “smart” application in that it create the patient’s notes as the health care provider adds visit information into the chart on the device. The iPad includes a built in camera so physicians can take photos for the chart, note exact locations of biopsies, and chart progress in healing. The built in microphones are a means of speaking words that become text in the patient’s chart.

“I really like this,” said Dr. Cheryl Mallory after an hour of training and testing. “I can see multiple improvements over our current workflow already.” The testing team includes Dr. Mallory, Dr. Danny Griffis and Dr. Abigail Lorico, plus physicians’ assistants Nathan Winder and Jessi Smith.



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