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The Good, The Bad, and the Really Awesome! July 12, 2011

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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Things continue to move along in EHR Land.



Our proficiency level continues to rise all across the organization, our efficiency continues to increase, and our overall comfort and satisfaction with the system is good.

In a phone call last week we were awarded the HIMSS 6 designation, the first hospital in Idaho to receive the honor, and one of the very few Critical Access Hospitals in the nation to do so. For more information on the designation, go to www.himssanalytics.org.



The last difficult solution area continues to be Cerner’s ProFit – billing, claims, charges, etc. I believe our difficulty is the result of an incomplete training cycle. It is impossible to train on or test a refund interface when there are no refunds in the system yet. Revenue takes a few weeks to begin generating, but Cerner was long gone before the dollars began to roll in.

Rumor has it that Cerner has corrected this problem for later clients, returning to train in the ProFit area weeks after Go Live, but we continue to struggle. We are no longer part of an implementation – those folks moved on long ago. Our new Cerner team is focused on “issues” and “problems”, not education.

All we need is a Cerner trainer out here for a day or so, and I keep thinking, “How hard can it be, people?”



Meaningful Use is practically in the bag now, too, which means lots of happy dancing on this side of the planet! Sue sent around an email with the Team Awesome T-shirt this morning, commending everyone from physicians to nurses to registration and HIM folks on their hard work and effort. We ROCK!