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Go Live: Week 3 January 24, 2011

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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We have three weeks of Cerner Go Live under our belts, and, generally, it is going well. There are several outstanding “issues” that remain from our conversion week, and every day it seems that a few come out of left field to take us by surprise, but nothing overwhelming, frightening or effecting patient safety. The outstanding issues are quite critical and swirl around billing and GL and revenue … just stuff like that. There are other issues that are irksome, random, and take productivity to its knees. These are the hard items to troubleshoot and correct, but we think we are on to a possible solution.

On February 2 we will celebrate ourselves and all that the Syringa staff have done to make this transition as smooth as possible. I ran some statistical reports out of Cerner today and, if they are correct, we have done some serious patient care while in the midst of this transition.

In fact, seeing the data coming out of the system is very exciting. We can see the number of patients by medical service, by attending physician, by diagnosis type. We can find an average Length of Stay in the ER, if height/weight is in the normal range, and if patients are receiving tobacco cessation counseling.

Patients seem to be enjoying the data they can see in their charts, too. When they visit their providers at the clinic they are eager to see their chart on the computer. They ask great questions and we are confident that, as they gain knowledge about their own health, they will become a key team members in the care of their health.

Thanks to all our patients for their patience, and their wonderful support for this effort. Keep your fingers crossed as we begin sending out bills and receiving payments from health insurance companies and Medicare.

And feel free to post any comments, good or not, here on the BLOG. Let us know what you are thinking and experiencing as we go through this major change in processess. We’d love to hear from you!

Go Live: Day 5 January 8, 2011

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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Our Cerner team headed back to their respective lives at the end of this day. We are definitely on our own, and I know we are ready.

Of course, the minute they left the building, the printer in the lab quit working. We made a “YIKES” kind of call, but in the end, our lab manager knew exactly how to fix the problem without any help. Now if we can just resolve the Medical Records printing issue, almost all will be well. For today.

Breathe deep. Patients first. Remember all you’ve learned. It will be OK.

Here’s to the end of a pretty exhausting week. Get some rest if you can. The Super Users are on call for help, and they know the Cerner Help Desk phone number.

So, a big THANK out to all the Cerner folks who got us through this week. And another big THANKS out to our community and Board of Trustees for supporting us in this major endeavor.

Go Live: Day 4 January 7, 2011

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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Thursday is finished, and for some, it was the most difficult day so far. This change is significant, not only in how Syringa provides health care to Idaho county residents, but also in the way employees perform their duties. Shaking the comfort tree often releases strange fruit, and some employees might attest to that this day.

Overall, however, the project steams forward with minor hitches. At first I was amazed at how smoothly it appears to be going, but then I realized that we are an outstanding group of people, extraordinarily skilled in patient care, and committed to this community and profession. A great team leads to a great outcome.

We have Friday to smooth out any wrinkles, then we are ON OUR OWN over the weekend. I don’t expect any troubles, but we have a plan in place for assistance from our Cerner team if needed.

Next week several of the Cerner folks will be onsite to continue working on the implementation. Billing takes a little longer than the clinical side, so the Patient Financial Services department will get most of next week’s focus.

Go Live: Day 3 January 5, 2011

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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Day Three has come and gone, and we are all still a LIVE!

Most folks are hanging in there, generally keeping a good face on their general stress and exhaustion. Some are frazzled, some dazzled, but everyone is making this Go Live the best ever.

A few Cerner-inspired hitches today relating to servers and well out of our control. We all hung in there and experienced the power of that old fashioned “turn it off and turn it back on” to see if it works. And it generally did work!

All the scanners are working (I think). Soon the pile of medical records, above, will be a distant memory! When patients need their health data, they ask and we print it, or copy it to a disk. Very cool, very efficient.

Work is moving ahead on printers and reports. Workflow process continue to be explored and revised as needed.