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Swimming In the Pool of Tears November 9, 2010

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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From wallpaperbase.com.

We had to extend our Go Live date again to accommodate Cerner’s need to complete our final build. We are looking at January 3, 2011 for the new date.

It seems an appropriate time to relate our EHR adventures in this matter to Chapter Two of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, entitled, “The Pool of Tears.”

You remember the scene: Alice landed in Wonderland, but couldn’t follow the White Rabbit through the door into the garden because she was too big. She discovered a bottle labeled DRINK ME, and when she did, she shrank. Unfortunately, she left the key to the garden door up on the tabletop, and, being short, could not reach it. When she found a box of cake labeled EAT ME, she followed the directions exactly, growing almost instantly to nine feet tall.

This change brought Alice to tears. And when you are nine feet tall you shed gallons of tears, enough to create a small ocean. When Alice eventually shrank down again, she nearly drowned in her own pool of salty tears.

When I first read this I wanted to relate the pool of tears to wallowing in self-pity. You know, the “I’m tired of this project, the delays, the disappointments, the change, the hard work, the stress, the ….” ad nauseam.

Then I began to understand that Alice didn’t relate to the pool as if it were a horror. To her, the pool was just a fact, not born of desperation and self-pity, but born of adventure and an eager anticipation of reaching the door to the garden. The tears were the physical manifestation of her own awareness of the changes she had experienced. She jumped in, gathered some friends to help, and swam across to her goal.

So this pool of tears I find myself in right now isn’t about the ad nauseam above, or the new Go Live date. Rather it is the physical proof that Syringa is changing. We can’t quite get to the goal yet because the friends we need to help us across are still working their way through the pool. But we are in the water, and we are looking for them.

This pool of change is really the last conscious effort we have to make to cross to the door that opens into the wonderland of improved healthcare for everyone in Idaho County. Ready for a swim?



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