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And the Adventures Continue October 17, 2010

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Kansas City Convention Center at Night

You have to read the last post before you read any further as the last line was an amazing bit of foreshadowing … this month of October has been like our own private Adventure in Wonderland.

It started with our CNO going on medical leave, a major hit to the EHR implementation project, but covered well by nursing staff.

Then Ernie’s Steakhouse, located across the street from Syringa, burned down. This began a revolt among the meat eating members of our Cerner implementation team, with tongue in cheek threats to refuse to return to Grangeville.

Then, the copying of our BUILD domain, scheduled to take “just a couple of days”, took a week, leaving us without access to Cerner for training or practice. Once the site was back online, all our logins, passwords and preferences had disappeared. Fortunately this is the last time we have to go through that exercise.

THEN, we went to Kansas City for the Cerner Health Conference, where, within hours of landing, our rental car was broken into and major pieces of our lives were stolen.

BUT, the Cerner Health Conference was amazing. I can’t quite wrap my mind around the mass of cumulative wisdom and knowledge packed into the convention center with more than 3,000 attendees, most of whom use Cerner to care for their patients. Wow.

We learned a lot about things like meaningful use, health care reform, employee training, quality improvement, and patient care. We learned tips from side conversations, networking, and peer to peer discussions during lunch and between training sessions. We visited the Solutions Gallery and played with new technology, talked to vendors who are committed to making patient care even better, and stood transfixed by innovative Cerner products. That was like being a kid in a candy shop, “I want one of those!”

The daily keynote addresses were inspiring, too, filling my head with a millions “what if, how could we and why can’t we” thoughts.

And over and over again, the discussions came right back to the question of how do we further engage patients in their own care? How do we, as institutions of healing, facilitate the creation of health in our communities? And how does an electronic health record do that?

It starts with information, which leads to knowledge, which leads to better health. Remember, even though it feels like this implementation is all about us, the employees, it is really all about the patient. And I am confident that Cerner is the right partner to take us into this new era of health care in Idaho County.

Now, if we can just stop these unnecessary obstacles from popping up in the implementation … We’ve had enough Adventures for the time being.


An Old Post October 17, 2010

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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NOTE – I wrote this blog entry for October 4th. Websense blocks WordPress at my hospital office, so I cannot access this  blog when I’m at Syringa. That means I have to upload  entries from my home office, but since I haven’t been working from home lately …  Better late than never!

October 1st came and went without a hitch … well, almost. We went live with the financial, materials management and procurement and time and attendance software solutions. Aside from a handheld that went haywire, and confused employees who couldn’t remember how to requisition new pens, rolls of tape and staples, things were pretty painless.

Joe, Sue and I are planning a trip to Kansas City, MO, to Cerner’s annual Health Conference. We’ve signed up for two full days of training sessions covering a variety of topics. One title I find particularly fascinating is, “Why Doctors LOL at EHR.”

I hope the conference goes better than some of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.