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Relieved Panic February 26, 2010

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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It was good to have our Cerner folks here last week, Troy and Lindsey.

They brought a project calendar, broken down by significant activities, which really helped put the entire project into perspective. They spent the afternoon in breakout sessions with different departments such as Registration, Billing, Scheduling, Nursing, Lab, Radiology and more. Attendees had a chance to explain how we do things, then Cerner had a chance to explain how we would be doing things … after October 1.

According to Lindsey, we may have an advantage in this implementation. Going from no computerized charting is easier than trying to switch computer programs. The habits and procedures from one system rarely translate into another; however, as a paper based organization, we have the opportunity to learn “cleanly” from the start.

After Troy and Lindsey left, I heaved a sigh of relief, followed immediately by a slight panic attack. Relief that FINALLY we are on the way with the clinical side of the EHR; relief that Cerner seems capable and competent to get us through the process; relief that everyone involved appears to be excited about the project.

The panic is related to all the stuff that needs to be done or collected before their team arrives out here again the week of April 5.

And I’m sure all this has something to do with Alice and her adventures, but I haven’t decided what yet. Maybe Sue K. was on to something when she related the scene between the Caterpillar and Alice. When the hookah smoking, large blue Caterpillar asked Alice, “Who are you?” Alice replied, “I hardly know, sir, just a present — at least I know who I was when I got up this morning.”

I think there is relevancy in there somewhere. Any ideas?


North Canyon Medical Center – Gooding, ID February 21, 2010

Posted by Joe in Adventures.
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Gooding is almost like a “sister community” to Grangeville. It has a population of 3,384 and is located in South Central Idaho, a few miles from I-84. Boise is 98 miles to the west and Twin Falls 33 miles east. Cattle, sheep ranching and farming contribute much to their local economy. Similarly, Gooding Memorial Hospital is like a “sister hospital” to Syringa Hospital & Clinics (SHC). Gooding recently and successfully completed installation of their Cerner / e-Partners / Empower systems; SHC is “on track” to Go Live October 1, 2010. I have attached photos of their EHR input devices.

Gooding Hospital started their installation process last summer and had all components installed and active by February 1, 2010. How do our organizations differ? On February 12th they held a ribbon-cutting and OPEN HOUSE event for their new community hospital, re-named as NORTH CANYON Medical Center. A virtual tour can be found on the Gooding Chamber of Commerce website: http://goodingchamber.org/ (the link is on the lower right corner of that homepage).

Here is another slide show link: http://picasaweb.google.com/joeclad/NorthCanyonHospital21210?feat=email# Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could be like our sister hospital in Gooding and build a new hospital right here in Grangeville someday?

The Tail of a Knot February 19, 2010

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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Hello Kitty Mouse with a Tail Knot

HR and Payroll got their first assignment this week from emPower, our time and attendance software folks. It is about 60 pages of homework nicely entitled “Business Process Review” (BPR).

What a lot of new language this process is bringing to Syringa. We’ve got a BPR, an IA (integration architect), a few SMEs (pronounced “smees”), and even an Engagement Leader (are we planning to marry Cerner?) Who would have thought that software implementation has its own vernacular, or NL – native language.

Sometimes I almost understand what is being said, but not quite. My converstations with the various software project implemention folks (SPIFs?) are similar to the chapter in Alice in Wonderland entitled “A Caucus Race and a Long Tale”.

In a nutshell, Alice and her new furred and feathered friends participated in a Caucus Race organized by the Dodo. The purpose of the race was to dry out after a swim through a salty pool of tears (you REALLY need to read this book). Of course, everyone won the Caucus Race, and after a congratulatory piece of candy, the mouse was ready to tell a story. He claimed it was a “long and sad tale,” but what Alice heard was a comment about the mouse’s wonderfully long TAIL. And again, when the mouse claimed “I had not,” Alice volunteered to untie the nasty thing.

I wonder if, once the implementation is done, we will all have acquired a new patois of our own, an accent which is our badge of honor that proves we are members of the EHR Implemented class of hospitals around the US? And our patients will slowly acquire the same as they become comfortable consumers of high tech health care.

Cerner is here on Tuesday for a one day, Jumpstart Meeting. According to the preliminary timeline, we will have all of the month of March to complete the homework assignments they leave behind, and to sort out all that they said, and figure out what they meant.

Teletubbies and EHR? February 12, 2010

Posted by Darla in Adventures.
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 OK. I admit it. I had never read Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland until Joe started this blog. While I grew up on Dark Shadows and Star Wars, and my children watched Teletubbies, I find this book disconcerting, yes, even more disconcerting than brightly colored beings existing in an impossibly green world with TV screens mounted on their stomachs.

The most disturbing thing is how alike the process of EHR implementation is to Alice’s adventures.

For instance: Falling down the rabbit hole took Alice a very long time. She had time to “look about her, and to wonder what was going to happen next,” as she fell and fell.

This feels vaguely familiar. We are well on the road to implementation and it seems to be a long, slow process, leaving all of us wondering what will be happening next. And even when we DO know WHAT is happening next, we are not quite certain what it means.

I do know that consultants from Cerner will be here on February 23.  The morning sessions will be for Senior Leaders with the afternoon session dedicated to specific departments. This is the beginning of the “data collection and build” process, so Cerner will be asking question about the reports, master patient lists, and other details specific to the department. Homework will be assigned, so, like a Boy Scout, be prepared.

Don’t worry if you don’t have to attend this first meeting; there will be plenty more opportunities down the road!

According to reports from HR and Payroll, they will be working more closely together than ever before. They saw demos of how ePartners works, and I saw them doing the Cha Cha Cha in excitement over future prospects.