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Peeking Down the Rabbit Hole January 29, 2010

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Unlike Alice and her Adventures in Wonderland, we haven’t fallen down the EHR Land rabbit hole yet; we are just peeking over the edge, trying to understand what’s about to happen.

If you wandered down to the Admin hall last week you might have seen Mark from ePartners working hard on the first steps of getting the financial info into the new computer system. According to him, things went smoothly and quickly.

This week Jason will be here, working on Purchasing/Materials, Payables and Fixed Assets. Our materials inventory is all done manually, so this will be a huge change in this department. I can see the staff whirling around with scan guns and UPC printers one day.

I’ve spent the last few days visiting with many of you about the upcoming implementation. On Thursday I will meet via telephone with our Engagement Leader from Cerner. I have long list of questions for him, so keep feeding your questions to your Managers, Senior Leaders or myself. I’ll pass them on to Troy.

Let me know what you think of our Adventures in EHR Land.

~ Darla


And So It Begins … January 27, 2010

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For the next three weeks, consultants from ePartners, Cerner’s financial programming package, will be onsite. ePartners is used for payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, materials management, inventory and human resources.

The consultants will observe work processes, interview staff, and assign homework.

Our Payroll and AP person (we all know who she is) will be particularly busy this week, doing payroll and working with the consultant, so try to limit your requests to her – we want to be paid on time! Others who will be extremely involved over the next three weeks are CFO, Materials Manager and HR.

We also have a firm date for the Cerner kickoff: February 23! The Cerner Team will be onsite to begin interviewing departments in the hospital and clinics. More on this later.

To stay abreast of what’s happening with the implementation, watch for weekly updates in the BUZZ which is emailed every Monday morning, or check out the EHR Calendar in the public folders section in Outlook. My role in this process is to coordinate all the various ongoing efforts, get the homework in on time, keep the calendar, and be the go-to person for the implementation.  Questions? Just ASK!  – Darla

Let the Adventure Begin! January 22, 2010

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Syringa Hospital and Clinics in Grangeville, Idaho will start installing a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) on January 25, 2010. We expect to have all medical staff and our employees trained and ready to “GO LIVE” on October 1st, the first day of Fiscal Year 2011. The purpose of this blog is to record the activites, events, successes, and lessons learned installing our EHR!